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Apologia - to make a defense for what one believes. I am fully convinced that God has revealed Himself to us in the record of nature and also in the Words of the Bible. When properly interpreted, neither will contradict the other, since all truth is God's truth.

Of all the holy books in the world, the Bible is the only one that accurately describes the origin and nature of the universe and the world in a way that has been confirmed by modern science. If we understand the 'days' of Genesis as periods of activity of unspecified length, as is often the case in Hebrew, then the pattern of events in Genesis One fits very well with what we know of the early history of the earth and of life on earth.

I grew up loving science and loving God. I have graduate-level training in Physics and work as a Software Architect. I recently became a trained apologist for Reasons To Believe (RTB). I have been a follower of Jesus Christ for many years. I currently play keyboards in a worship band and enjoy songwriting.

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